SUP paddle boarding Life Jacket Owlwin 2021


Product weight: 1.1KG.

Freesize can be adjusted with a variety of bodies. Suitable for adults 90-210 kg,

Suitable for SUP paddleboarding, fishing, Hiking, travel, Mountain climbing …



During SUP paddleboarding, especially inflatable SUP games. Wearing life jackets is a must to ensure safety when participating in this exciting water exploration. The versatile 2021 SUP Owlwin life jacket is not just a simple life jacket, but it is intelligently designed and versatile that can be used regardless of whether onshore or underwater. The life jacket design is 3 separate detachable pieces. And each piece can be used independently as a handy backpack or cross-bag. For more details on this special product SUP Owlwin All-purpose 2021 Life Jacket. Please contact us immediately or visit the SUP shop at the address listed on the website.


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