Safety Manner Camouflage Swimming Life Jacket


Life jackets, also known as personal flotation devices (PFD), are an essential item to have around when taking part in any activity that involves water. Whether it be on a cruise, canal boat, fishing kayak and so on; a life jacket should be within reach, so that you can be kept afloat in the unfortunate case of an accident. While you might think that any old flotation device will do in this situation, only the best life jacket will be able to keep you safe and comfortable for as long as need be. Ensure that you are prepped and ready for your next water adventure with this guide of the best life jackets






-Brand: Manner

-Color: Red, Green, Orange

-Material: EPE cloth

-Load: 50kg – 95kg

-Size: 45cm x 18cm x 55cm

-Equipped with a life jacket whistle




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