ISUP – Aqua Marina WAVE Surf 8’8″ BT-20WA

11,000.000 8,800.000

The 8’8’’ WAVE with a rounded and wide nose helps to easily get the board through waves for any level of rider.

The narrow tail with a removable fin gives super-fast responsiveness with extra hold for tight turns. Produced in Double Layer Technology with 1000D extra rail-band reinforcement, the WAVE can be inflated up to 18psi which provides incredible stiffness and reactiveness. The deep diamond grooved deck pad offers comfort and grip and a diamond cut kick pad provides greater grip and stability. Now you can catch a wave whenever you want.




We’ve found a way for everyone to easily ride the waves with a paddle board everywhere.Our 8’8’’ WAVE is compact and have a rounded wide nose and narrow tail making it a perfect surf board for both beginners and intermediate surfers.





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